Fashion became part of me when I started clothes for my dolls on my grandmother’s foot-powered sewing machine. Then followed making my own garments and later - my studies in the Fashion Design program at Drexel University in Philadelphia, where, besides learning from some of the best professionals in the field, I also had the amazing opportunities to meet world-class designers like Oscar De La Renta, Betsey Johnson, Ralph Rucci, Josie Natori and Frank Agostino. During my studies, I had the chance to be a dresser at Oscar de la Renta shows, to have an internship at Frank Agostino’s atelier, as well as to win two awards at the graduation fashion show – for excellence in design and for the most wearable collection. Click here to view some pictures from my amazing years at Drexel.

My keen interest for fashion, years of working with it and observing how it influences a person’s looks made me realize that style starts with the person and clothing comes second, not the other way around. Fashion trends are just an interesting phenomenon, the product of a humongous industry that seeks to maximize its profits by making people believe that new trends will make them look even better than before. The styles I create start with my client’s body type, facial features, height, and other details. Next comes how my client wants to look – be it slimmer or taller or sexier or all these combined. Maybe the client wants to hide or highlight certain parts of the body – there are so many tricks and ways to achieve that! What I consider a successful style makeover session is when the client is not just satisfied, but is happy-happy-happy and learned what tricks to use when dressing for different occasions to look her best.

Besides style advice, I also design and create unique garments, like cocktail dresses, evening and wedding gowns, business and casual suits – you name it! They range from basic structure to very sophisticated designs, using haute couture techniques and with intricate embellishments using crystals, applique, hand-made details and very fine fabrics. Click here to view some of my works.

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